For Happy + Healthy Dog Years

We created FETCH for dog lovers like you. As your pup's parent you want to insure your dog lives a happy and healthy life.

FETCH with HydroFX is a Veterinarian-recommended, scientific-breakthrough hydrogen supplement that provides optimum health and wellness for your very best friend. FETCH was made for the unconditional love of dogs everywhere!

The Benefits


Provides energy and vitality

Supports healthy joints and function

All-Natural Vegan Beef Flavor

Dog-friendly, allergy-free formula


Easy-to-chew and easy-to-digest bone tablet*


Ricardo Rojas, DVM

26 years experience

"Veterinary medicine is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers. My job is to keep your pets happy and healthy for a lifetime. As a doctor and pet owner, I understand how our pets become part of our family and I strive to educate pet owners in preventative medical care that will allow their pets to live longer and healthier lives. Because veterinary medicine is a dynamic profession, I'm always looking for the most recent knowledge to bring the highest quality of care for your pet. I highly recommend FETCH with HydroFX to my clients. It's an essential high-quality, multi-benefit and all-natural health supplement for canine breeds. The results I have seen with dogs who have taken FETCH is nothing short of amazing."

Fetch Stories


Thor has always had issues with his skin and dull fur. With FETCH, his dry skin has cleared up and he has a much softer, shinier coat. He smiles so much more now!*

Meet Zoey

My furbaby Zoey is a rescue dog and since we don't know her health history, we decided to give her FETCH to help her be as happy and healthy as she can be!*

Meet Milo

Milo is my best friend so when he started having joint issue which affected his energy levels, I knew I had to do something quick to help him. I started giving him FETCH and within a few days, he was back to his happy, playful self again. I can tell he feels much better!*

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