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FETCH is for all dogs — any age, size and breed live happier and healthier lives. Watch these amazing, emotional and inspiring stories about how FETCH has helped dogs get back on their paws and enjoy life again.


We love to hear stories about how FETCH helps dogs! If you have a story to share, please email us at and include your name, your dog's name, breed, age plus a cute pic of your pup!

Name: Moses

Breed: Staffordshire Bull-Terrier

Best Friend: Teresa

Moses has always been a very active dog up until a couple years ago when he started moving really slowly in the cold winter months and developed eye issues. Since Moses has been on FETCH, he has bounced back. We love FETCH!*

Name: Marley

Breed: Saint Bernard

Best Friend: Michelle

Marley has always had skin issues. With FETCH, she has stopped chewing on herself and the hot spots are gone. I love this product! FETCH has saved me money and time at the Vet*.

Name: Samson

Breed: Pit Bull

Best Friend: Teresa

Samson had issues with his hind end. When he would go on walks he'd come home and not be able to get up from a sitting or lying position. We gave him FETCH and now he no longer cries out and can enjoy going on walks again. He is so much happier now!*

Name: Cleo

Breed: Pit Bull/Lab Mix

Best Friend: Teresa

Cleo used to be able to jump and clear a 6 foot fence before she got injured. She was not in any condition to get the surgery she needed. Cleo now gets FETCH every day and she is doing amazing.*

Name: Deja

Breed: English Bulldog

Best Friend: Shayna

Deja is 6 years young yet her hind legs would lock up on her because of joint issues. After just a few days of taking FETCH, she is now living her life to the fullest! Thank you FETCH with HydroFX!*

Name: Dazzle

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Best Friend: Teresa

Dazzle is 15 years old and is our miracle dog. She has a condition in which she takes medicine for and once I included FETCH daily, I notice she feels better.*

Name: Willow

Breed: Pomeranian

Best Friend: Skye and Jaden

At 14 years old, Willow started slowing down and became uninterested in going on walks. Once we started giving her FETCH with HydroFX, she became so excited and much happier. She loves to go on walks again. FETCH has completely changed our dog's life!*

Name: Joe

Breed: Brittany Spaniel

Best Friend: Shayna

Joe was having trouble walking and just after one week on FETCH with HydroFX, he is moving around 100% better. He looks happier and healthier, too! Thank you FETCH for giving him his quality of life back!*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FETCH with HydroFx?

Good question! There is so much scientific magic that happens with FETCH with HydroFX, but to keep it short and sweet, FETCH is the first supplement for dogs in the market that delivers Molecular Hydrogen through a proprietary blend of minerals. This patented formula is a breakthrough in the health and wellness in canines everywhere.

Who can take FETCH with HydroFx?

Dogs big, small, young and old can take FETCH! All dog breeds and ages, starting at 16 weeks and older, and weighing 1.8 Kg (4 lbs) or more can take FETCH with HydroFX. Dog owners can technically take FETCH too, since it has amazing health benefits with human grade ingredients, but we highly recommend our 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX supplement for our human friends.

When will I notice a difference after giving my dog FETCH with HydroFX?

FETCH works quickly! After FETCH with HydroFX is ingested, molecular hydrogen is released into the dog's body for immediate absorption and availability at the cellular level. Since all dogs are different, most feel the effects within days, while others see results around one month. We recommend FETCH daily for the life of your dog for happy + healthy dog years!

Is FETCH with HydroFX safe?

Of course! Dogs are our best friends and we want to keep them safe and healthy! HydroFX is made with human grade ingredients in an FDA compliant facility. FETCH undergoes strict testing, quality and assurance control. There are no known negative side effects of molecular hydrogen and no known contraindication on the use of molecular hydrogen for dogs during pregnancy or lactation.

Should I give FETCH with HydroFX with or without food?

FETCH with HydroFX can be given with food, but it is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. FETCH is easily chewable and easy-to-digest. Sometimes a little peanut butter on FETCH bone tablets is the perfect treat!

My dog is a very picky eater, how should I give FETCH?

If you shake the bottle, your dog will come! Most dogs are excited to take FETCH because it has a dog-friendly flavor of natural Vegan Beef and is easy-to-chew and easy-to-digest. We have extensively tested this formula and results show almost all dogs prefer FETCH. For the few dogs that are very picky, we simply suggest adding FETCH to the food dish during meal time.

Give your dog a better "leash on life"!